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Friday, May 9, 2014

Wellness Training

There is so much confusion out there in the Health and Wellness Industry. It really has become a moneymaking world. This is a sad reality, but the truth is, that there are people whom DO CARE to help you versus take money from you.
On my personal quest to improve the livelihood of those I come into contact with, my own personal wellness and knowledge continues to expand.
Many people just look for fast paced and trendy boot camps to lose weight. They want fast miracle pills to shed those unwanted pounds…but the truth is,


The clients that I have worked with have not only improved their health and lost weight, but have also enjoyed becoming medication free. I integrate several aspects of care that include integrative nutrition therapy, fascia release, stability training, and integrated personal training concepts. I believe that in order to enjoy health, you cannot just put your training in one brand name box, but you need to incorporate aspects that your body is specifically asking for. 

What Connects Me?

As an affiliate for the Fascianator method, a certified personal trainer, a certified health coach, and as a member of the Fascia Research Society, I am all about helping my clients become pain free. You will always here me integrate nutrition along side physical wellness. With this, I believe that in order to become pain free, releasing fascial tension is vital to health. 

This is what my mentor, Anthony Chrisco and his wife have to say about fascia.


Your fascia needs you...

Fascia, according to the International Congress of Fascia Research (Findley and Schleip 2007) is "the soft tissue component of the connective tissue system that permeates the human body."   Human fascia is pervasive; it surrounds your muscles, arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves, organs, brain, spinal cord, and bones. It is involved in practically every function of your body, both internally and externally.
There are superficial layers, deep layers, and subserous layers of fascia in the human body.  Fascia has varying degrees of fluidity.
Just look at some of the following facts about your fascia or fascial organ system.  
  • holds four gallons of water 
  • is neurally dense and represents 70% of your nervous system
  • is 100% sensory and responds three times faster than nerves
  • is incredibly strong, made of collagen and elastin fibers
  • "can exert tensile pressures of up to 2000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures" - John Barnes, PT (
Andrew Taylor Still MD,  founder of osteopathic medicine in 1892, said  the following about fascia:
  • "sheathes, permeated , divides and sub-divides every portion of all animal bodies; surrounding and penetrataing every muscle and all its fibers - every artery,  and every fiber."
  • "gives all muscles help to glide over and around all adjacent muscles and ligaments"
  • "Fascia functions by "secreting and excreting fluid vital and destructive.  By its action we live and by its failure we shrink, swell and die... This connecting substance must be free at all parts to receive and discharge all fluids, if healthy to appropriate and use in sustaining animal life, and eject all impurities that health may no be im[aried byu the dead and poisoning fluids.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -  Still, 1899
Fascia is now the most studied tissue in human movement science.  Fascial restrictions are the root cause of the most common aches and pains associated with aging and wear and tear.  If you take care of your fascia your fascia will take care of you." 
Learn more. CLICK HERE

Actionista Mom and Wellness Coach

Featured Actionista for Women's Voices for the Earth

June Inspirational Woman

Tameka 2
Q&A with Tameka Gillett: WVE Actionista, Secret Scents spokeswoman, Community Partner, and creator of Naturally Prevailing Essence.
Q: How did you come to start your own business and blog?
I started my Naturally Prevailing Essence business and blog because I wanted to stay home with my son while still having a career. I missed all my daughter’s firsts while I was a surgical tech in the Army, and that really made me sad. In the Army, I didn’t see any health changes or improvements with people, including in myself. Naturally Prevailing Essences helps people improve their health by focusing on the importance of being toxic-free in different aspects of their lives.
Note: Naturally Prevailing Essence is one of WVE’s Community Partners!
Q: Why is speaking up for healthy living important to you?
Healthy living is very important. Through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Melaleuca, I began learning the importance of being toxic-free from the foods we eat to the products we use. For thousands of years, with a scarce amount of environmental or born ailments less than 10% of the elderly population (key word “elderly”) got sick. Now we not only see this population increasingly suffering from illness, we also see one out of three people suffering from obesity, and my peers in their 20′s are having serious cancer issues. This epidemic is NOT normal.
Q: Why are you part of WVE?
I am a part of WVE because stay-at-home moms who use toxic products increase their health risks from indoor pollution. Women who get their hair and nails done get sick more often. And the make-up industry, including network-marketing companies that offer families financial hope, like Avon, are poisoning woman. I want to share the truth and help their children get a fresh and healthy start—and this is what WVE stands for.
Q: What change do you hope to make in this world?
I hope to be a representative for health. It’s not just about dieting or exercising. Wellness includes everything we do, including being in positive relationships and environments. I am furthering my knowledge base so I can continue to change lives and reverse the health statistics. Not only does America need change—this is turning into a global epidemic as other cultures take on American fast food diets, use GMOs, and pollute their bodies and environments with trendy chemically-laden products. I want them to enjoy Naturally Prevailing lives like our ancestors had been doing for thousands of years.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Executive Summary: Eat your fruits and vegetables! | EWG's 2012 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

I had to share this because education is fundamental. This is why I garden and I would encourage anyone to do the same because not only will it improve you and your family's quality of health but it will also save you tons of money as well. Super easy.
Executive Summary: Eat your fruits and vegetables! | EWG's 2012 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

To grow 20 different fruits and veggies on one simple garden Go here 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

He knows our hearts

1 May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob protect you! 2 May he send you help from the sanctuary and give you support from Zion! 3 May he remember all your offerings and regard with favor your burnt sacrifices! Selah 4 May he grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your plans! (ESV) That is straight out of Psalms 20 and 21.
The reason that I wanted to share that is because at one point I had become so caught up in doing what other people said that I should do that I became miserable and had to spend all of my time and efforts doing what they said instead of what made me happy. Instead of doing my intitial intentions from the beginning point...
The truth of the matter is that it was put into my life for a reason. It gave me a drive and an eagerness to reach people and educate them. God knows my desires and my intentions. He knows what I have on my heart because he put it there since I was a little girl to help people. It is not saying I havent messed up along the way because boy have I, (lol).
Going back to old school has been such a blessing to me. Gardening gets my kids and I from under the televison. It has brought me into paths with the garden tower which I can make income with. It has allowed me to meet and communicate with fabulous people who care about helping others instead of just making money.
I am so excited because God has a purpose for each and every one of us. He wants to bless us and see us do well so that we can bless others. Our nation has gone astray from helping children, the elderly and widows. If we were to come together and help each other once again, we would see how much farther our livelihoods would improve :-)

Friday, March 1, 2013

I am Loved. A dear friend

When I was young I had a strong relationship with my father. I was not one of those girls who was looking for a father figure when I left home. I rebelled to rebel and during that time I was my most miserable. I hear people say sex is freedom. I'm sorry but after you have sex you go back to the same life you had. Nothing changed in your mind, in your finances, nothing changed in your body except that you may be pregnant or have an STD. Real talk. When have you had sex and become victorious in any aspect of your life?
It is just like alcoholics or people hooked on drugs. People who over eat or under eat. People who live in fear or want people to fear them. Do you see where I'm going with this? Look around and look at the extremes. They are so bonding. Just look at how the media wants us to be filled with non stop thoughts. Everyone is so stressed out and so busy. We always have to be entertained.
We have hurry and go here and there which in turn makes us eat bad food. Just take a step back and look.
...and God is so simplistic. He made us to have someone to talk to. (That's why the Jehovah Witnesses are so full of crap!) He was walking with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They were kicking it.
So why would God want us so busy???
When we become so busy we lose touch with God. When we become so distracted by always listening to music, always having television on, always working, etc when do we get a chance to breathe? Doesn't the bible tell us to meditate on his word day and night? God wants to speak to us, to have a relationship with him. Just like your spouse gets jealous, God does too.
Lets regain intimacy with God again.