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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Lord Restores

Today has been a day of blessing and revelation. There has been a lot of things that would have normally broken my spirits. I would have been discouraged and highly angered, but the spirit of God sets us free. There is freedom in Christ that the unbeliever cannot comprehend.
Today was a day of blessing and revelation. In my bed I read Psalms 14. Verse one says
"The fool in his heart says that there is no God.", and verse 7,
"The Lord restores the fortunes of his people."
I am so thankful that I do not have to sell my soul to popularity, degradation or other worldly mentalities inorder to reach wealth. God wants us blessed so that we are able to bless the church, bless the families who have less, children that are orphaned, and the poor. We have gone so far away from what God wants us to be. As the church we are supposed to help those around us so that people aren't dependent upon the government.
We are currently in a state where the government is taking more and more control over our lives. We are so close to being a socialist society, but I am here to tell you that God wants us dependent on him. He had commanded us to work to earn the food we eat.
The last time our nation had such a high unemployment rate for such a long period of time was during the Great Depression. There was an economic shift from earning a living in agriculture to industry. Now our culture is leaving industry and has entered into the IT phase.
The educated and uneducated communities all fit into the unemployed category right now. So many people are so fearful of entering the cyber space work force, but there is a lot of potential out there, we just need to walk in wisdom.
We need to intrust God to use us and guide us into making the appropriate decisions for our own personal prosperity. Where do you see yourself in a year? In five years?
If you have thirty to fourty-five minutes I will show you how to enter this cyberspace world and work from home. This has given me the opportunity to see my son's firsts and do preschool with my daughter. We garden together and dance together. It has been such a blessing. If you are ready to live a life of enjoyment and allow myself to team up with you to a road of success please fill out my online form so that I may contact you. lets begin a new life together with overall wellness.

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