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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doing the Right Thing

So I have been super busy the past few days. I am really trying to help families, moms, women and entrepreneurs earn a living from home. Our economy is doing a massive shift and we can see that through our recession. IT has such a presence in the global market. Ive spoken to so many people all over the world. It is such a cool experience and I am so excited to be a part of this explosion that is about to occur.
However with growth I have to remember who is my greatest sponsor. There is a larger calling to what I do and that is spreading the love and message of Jesus. The media is so anti Christianity but in all darkness there is a light that surpasses ignorance and doubt. I believe that we are going to see such a great expansion of vitctory, health, financial prosperity and growth in the Christian community.
In order to keep going forward through moments of struggle we need to step back sometimes in order to allow God to show us in which direction HE wants us to go.
Psalms 15 talks about walking blamelessly, speaking truth, not slandering people, to not bribe and put your money towards selfish approaches. That is what I love about what I do. It is more than just making money, it is about helping those around me. It surprises me how many people lose interest during training when I tell them to evaluate who they can help.
Another entity that loses people is their inability for growth. The bible says to be humble like a child. That is one of my constant prayers. I want to learn. When I network I tell them to teach me. I can't help my team, I can't help people get better physically or mentally if I don't slow down and become a good listener.
Have you ever spoken to someone and they just ramble on and on? They don't let you get a breath in without their input. This is something that I feel like I can improve upon. When I meet people now I want to learn about them. What are their dreams, goals and aspirations? The crazy thing about it all is this is the same thing God wants us to do. He tells us to be ever prayerful. If we don't cry out to him and worship him, the rocks will do it. How many times have you really cried out to God? And im not saying screaming his name in vain either. How many times have you spoken blessings over your dreams and goals? God places them on our heart's for a reason. He has a mission, a role and a plan for us even before we thought of it. Slow down your thoughts. Meditating on a light isn't going to give us insight but meditating on his words brings forth life.

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