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Friday, February 22, 2013

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

When I was younger I used to get so easily discouraged. It was always about what I could get out of something or how something made me prettier. I have been through a lot just in my twenties. I've made friends and lost friends. I've loved and lost love. I've seen heart ache, prosperity and severe depression. I've lived through agony and loss. I've seen rage and tried suicide. I've simply lived...
But through it all I have been loved. God loved me even through all my wrong. He's made ways for me even at my worst. He's provided for me and my children and helped me help others.
I've been so discouraged before that I remember driving down the road and thinking to myself, I should just make a quick right off of this free way so that I wouldnt have to deal with this pain any longer. That is such evil. I am unsure if they were my thoughts or satanic thoughts, but they were so real to me.
From all that I have been through I have learned that its not about what we have done but what we choose to do with our lives. Our bodies, hearts and minds are so precious to God. Hes so jealous for our love. Our sadness, discouragement and sicknesses heart him. Have you ever been around someone that you loved that is so sick, that you feel so helpless, that you become angry? That's how God feels for us. Our sin and choice seperates us from his love, blessings and grace.
I wish I could help the world. But I can only help one person at a time. Such peace is in his presence.
We miss out on so much when we seperate ourselves from Gods love. I pray that this touches your heart today. Your so precious to him. You are wonderfully made. There is not one ounce of your body that shouldn't be appreciated. You have a purpose and a meaning that is specific to just you.
- Tameka

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