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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When we lack vision

A few months ago after I had my son Isaiah I began going through my post partum depression. I was so tired and so weak that all I had energy to do was to gaze at the wall while I fed my son. My husband thought I was being lazy. Lol. Yes men often times do not understand but that is the beauty of marriages. They are supposed to mimic our relationship with God. We often times do not understand why things happen, I retract, we most of the time do not understand why things happen. A many of things are just lessons to be learned and moments where God wants to see us get closer to him and less closer to the devil.
....and post partum depression was one of those moments. It had been on my heart for a year to begin my own business. I kept putting it off and investing my money elsewhere. Yet, after being tired of being tired, I finally wrote this gal an email telling her I was ready.
The whole purpose of me starting this new journey was to guide people with education about how they can enjoy life 360 the way we are meant to enjoy it. I purchased a Value pack because I wanted to understand my business and the products. I immediately fell in love with everything because the products didn't make me sick they werent harsh, I could clean the bathroom and not hear my baby choke, and the vitamins gave me massive amounts of energy.
Mind you I was juicing, but juicing can become very tedious with having to clean up all the left overs.
However, during my quest to help people I ailed myself. I wanted to help people who didn't want to help themselves. I wanted to show people the value of what I was doing with free things but truth be told, they never cared. In the end it hurt me and crushed my spirit. So I began networking and learning about multi level marketing and boy is that a harsh world. You really have to be a car salesman to live in that world. That once again crushed my spirits.
....and even when you are at your weakest, that is when God shows you, puts you back on the right track, and gives you his strength.
Many people doubt me but when I begin to doubt myself is when I truly have lost.
I stopped everything and told the Lord, I need you. I need your help. I need your wisdom. I need your guidance. I've messed up doing it on my own.
The funny thing about it all, is that when you begin the quest of trying to get closer to God, the devil starts trying to break you even harder. It really is funny how many bad things have happened to me in a week. I really must be doing something right to make him try so hard, but all it did is put me in a humble place so that the Lord can show me where I really need to go.
I love my company. It is far superior than any I have encountered, but my company doesn't define me.
My name is Tameka. I love using natural ingredients to bring overall health.
To whomever is reading this, it is time to sit back and dig deep. What has God placed on your heart that really gives you peace? How can you encorporate it into your daily life so that you can earn a living from it?
These are the questions I had to get back to. Now, what steps do I need to take to achieve them? Write out your goals ans dreams. Create a dream board and then make short and long term goals. If you would love to talk to me please let me know. Many blessings and lt God be your light.

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